4 Easy Steps To Buy a Vehicle From Naz Motors

4 Easy Steps To Buy a Vehicle From Naz Motors

Step 1:Ordering your Car

Ordering a vehicle from us is quick and easy. Search for the vehicle you are interested in on our website and simply make an inquiry for your vehicle of choice. You will receive a free quote for the vehicle to the email you provided, and our sales team will coordinate with you once you have agreed to the quoted price.
If you can’t find a car in our stock, you can Contact on Our WhatsApp Support center, which is known for one of the Fastest way of buying a car.
A pro-forma invoice will then be sent to you, wherein you will have to make the payment within 48 hours, else you will lose the vehicle will be open for other customers.

Step 2:Paying for your Car

Once you receive the pro-forma invoice after coordinating with our sales team, please conduct payment within 48 hours. If we do not confirm payment within the allotted time, your right for the vehicle will be cancelled and the vehicle will be put back for sale.

Step 3:Shipment of your Car

For the shipment process, your car will be loaded to the ship once we have confirmed receipt of your payment, and we will send you a notification through email containing the departure and arrival dates of your vehicle’s ship.

Shipment of your vehicle from the original location to the port of your choice can take from approximately 1-2 months depending on the country.

Step 4:Pickup, Registering, and Claiming of your Car

Once you have made the necessary custom clearance for your vehicle, you can now pick up your vehicle. Make sure to bring with you the B/L(Bill of Lading) in order to claim your vehicle at your appointed discharge port.

All form of vehicle related registration will be handled by the customer. Please refer to your country’s motor vehicle registration office for information.

Customers are responsible in claiming and driving their vehicle from the discharge port unless you want to use a local transportation company to deliver the vehicle to a designated address. If the need arises, we can help introduce a transport delivery company upon your request.

For more Info. Feel Free to contact Us.

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