Top 8 Tips for Organizing Your Japanese Car Garage

Top 8 Tips for Organizing Your Japanese Car Garage

Most people consider their vehicles as an investment that they can’t live without. If having a car for daily use is crucial for you, why would you leave it outdoors where it can get damaged by bird droppings, UV exposure, and tree sap? What’s more, it is never fun to climb inside a toasty vehicle during the summertime!

Tip 1: Plan Ahead

Remember that organizing your garage is not something you can do on a whim. You need to dedicate a considerable amount of time for this task. In most cases, it takes a day or two to clear up the clutter in your carport. So, you need to plan ahead and schedule a date wherein you can give this project your undivided attention.

Tip 2: Get Help

You must admit to yourself that tidying up your garage is a mammoth of a task that can overwhelm you. So, if necessary, hire a professional or get your family or friends to help you. Also, do not forget to write up a plan on how you and your helpers can tackle the task from start to finish.

Tip 3: Identify the Items in Your Carport

In most cases, items in the garage fall under these categories:

  • Sports and recreational equipment
  • Recyclables
  • Camping gear
  • Automotive items
  • Garden equipment and tools
  • Seasonal décor

If you have other miscellaneous items like luggage and hazardous things like paint, you need to evaluate whether you can store them elsewhere.

Tip 4: Group the Items According to their Categories

Now that you know categories of the items in your carport, you can begin grouping them. You can use cardboard boxes, but it will be more efficient if you use clear storage boxes. When you can see the items inside the container, it will be easier for you to identify them in the future. Make sure you label the boxes once you are done categorizing them.

Tip 5: Donate or Get Rid of the Items Outside the Categories

If you find random items that you do not need, then you should get rid of them. If you wish to keep them, you must find a category where you can keep them. Otherwise, you need to place them on the donation or trash pile.

Tip 6: Create a Garage Layout

You need to determine where you plan on placing each item according to the available space and frequency of use. For example, you should place the recycling box near the entrance to your home. Tools must be placed by the workbench. Of course, you need to ensure that there is enough space for your car.

Tip 7: Install Cabinets or Modular Storage

You need to maximize the available space in your carport. Of course, this includes the vertical space in the garage. Mount pegboards and wire grids for your garden tools and sports equipment. Install shelves for keeping smaller items.

Tip 8: Have a Regular Schedule for Organizing

The task does not end after you’ve tidied up your garage. You need to perform organize your carport at least twice or three times a year. Otherwise, you find yourself walking through piles and piles of rubbish again. Moreover, do not forget that after using an item, you must put it away promptly to avoid cluttering the area.

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